About us

SEMA is a talent management organization with the needs of every client at heart. Established in 2009, we began our journey with a vision to give artists a chance to make it in the dynamic entertainment agency.

While we began with a handful of talents, we have since been inspired by the results we managed with them. Since our inception, we've added a sizable number of artists to our roster, and we're still expanding.

At SEMA, we have a dynamic view of the entertainment and creative industry. We have seen many artists and creatives struggle with their processes because of a lack of representation, and we clearly understand the toll that having to worry about the business side of the entertainment industry can have. Eventually, many tend to get drawn to this side and forget their passions.

So, our job is to help you strike a proper balance between the two. We take care of handling your career and growing as you should, and you will be able to focus on your craft. It’s teamwork, and it leads to your dream finally coming true.

our vision & mission

Empowerment , Education and Generational wealth creation based off effective use of natural and learned talents . We want to see our clients grow to be the best they can be in their respective fields


Providing Opportunity


Teaching our Clients how the industry works and the best ways to navigate the constantly changing landscapes

Generational Wealth Creation

Teaching our clients how to create generational wealth through use of their talents


Showcasing strength iin collaboration and numbers

Core Values


At SEMA, we don't take you for granted. We understand that we're building careers and lives, and we take that task with all the seriousness it could require.


SEMA is a black-owned entertainment agency that is building an inclusive environment. Regardless of your age, background, race, or sexual orientation, you can rest assured that we'll lend you a listening ear and be by your side every step of the way.


Results are at the center of everything we do. While we take pride in our ability to simplify processes, we remain driven by results and the ability to get the job done. To achieve this, we take a bespoke, methodological approach. We look at your craft and industry, as well as where you see yourself in a particular time span. From there, we craft methods to get you there.

Why Choose Us?

Strategic Talent Management


The Right Crop of Workers